Message: “Easter Service” from Pastor Todd Evans

Pastor Todd Evans - June 16, 2019

Being a Man

Men On Fire

The most profitable movies made are hero movies. They are first b/c of a lot of reasons, one of which is the desire for someone to save or protect us and the desire of men to fulfill that. Those instincts are innately built into a man's character. Yet culture tells us that masculinity is toxic (APA just came out with a statement about that!). But is a true man just what we see in the movies? This Father's Day, we look at what a real man is and why he is crucial to the home, world and culture around us. Read Ephesians 5:25-33 and we'll see you Sunday!

From Series: "Men On Fire"

When men get passionate about something, there isn't much that can deter them. We get passionate about many things, some of which have no real importance in the world, but also about things that change the world forever. This week for Father's day, we will look at 3 men who I like to say were "Men on Fire!" We see that when men are on fire, we see the world change. Read Daniel 3 and we'll see you Sunday!

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