Pastor Todd Evans - February 16, 2020


Those who have trained in self-defense usually know this particular tidbit: Hope is not a plan. I can't "hope" that I am able to defend myself, I need to plan and practice how I will. The same thing happens for our belief in Christ. Are you hoping you can defend your faith? Are you hoping no one will ask you anything? In our passage this week, we learn a very valuable lesson for the sharing of our faith. Read Acts 17:16-34 and we'll see you Sunday.

From Series: "Acts"

The biggest blockbuster movies right now are superhero stories. One of the reasons is that people envision having the powers that many characters display, even though we know we can never have them. This week as we get back to the book of Acts, we see that there is a power out there that is more powerful than anything else. In the midst of looking at that, we see a very powerful lesson for our everyday lives. Read Acts 3:1-10 and we'll see you Sunday!

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