Pantry Ministry in Action

Bancroft Congregational Church hosts food distribution on the 3rd Saturday of each month.

If you are in need of food and live in Shiawassee County, you are eligible.  Simply bring a piece of ID that shows your name and address.

Our distribution begins at 10:00 am and continues until noon or until our food runs out.

Food Pantry




Food Pantry recipients need only to line up along the street, then pull into the alley when it is their turn.  




We order most of our food from The Greater Lansing Food Bank and go to their facility to pick up our order.  





Volunteers then pack bags to be distributed each month. 







Most months we give two bags of non-perishable foods along with 1 or 2 packages of frozen meat. 





Many times we have extra items that may include fresh fruits and veggies.  

Pantry Volunteers are ready and willing to serve you - either rain or shine - just not drifting snow!

First, we collect your family information.


Then your car is loaded for you with bags of food.  There's no need to even get out of your car.  And, if you need prayer, our volunteers are happy to pray with you.